How to Play Craps

Playing Craps may seem intimidating for beginners because of the various betting options. However, this game is actually very simple. Here is a quick rundown on how to play Craps.

In playing Craps, every player at the table gets a chance to roll the dice. The dice pass from one player to the next in a clockwise pattern. Come-out roll is the term used for the initial roll. If your first roll produces a 7 or 11, called "natural", it means you win and you are given another chance to roll. If you roll either 12, 3 or 2, termed "craps", you lose. However, you are still given another chance to roll.

The remaining results of your roll are the numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4. When any of these show up, they are referred to as "point". You will then need to roll the same number again before you get a 7. Otherwise, you lose another chance to roll and the dice pass on to the next player. On the other hand, if you get the "point" number before 7, it means you have a "pass". In other words, you win the bet and you have another chance to roll again.

With regard to betting options, you will come across the terms "Pass" and "Don't Pass." The best bets that you can find on a Craps table are in the sections labeled with these terms. Betting on "Pass" means you bet that the shooter will definitely win. This is done by placing your bet on the pass line in front. On the other hand, when you bet on "Don't Pass", it means you bet that the shooter will definitely lose. You do this by placing your bet in "Don't Pass" line in front.

You will also notice that there are areas on the Craps table marked "Come" and "Don't Come." A "Come" bet is similar to "Pass" while the "Don't Come" bet is similar to "Don't Pass". The difference is that these bets are made when the point is already established.