Collect Casino Tokens and Chips for Real Money

There is something exciting about collecting casino tokens and chips from various places around the world. They have been in use for more than a century and provide a lasting reminder of a fantastic experience. Some people get started by taking home some reminders of their very first experiences with these establishments; others just happen to come across a set of them at an estate or yard sale and are fascinated with what they see.

Dominant Traits

Like other things that people tend to collect, the rarity and popularity of the venue from where the item came dominate the market. Casino tokens and chips from places like the Sands, Flamingo, Dunes and Desert Inn are among some of the most popular in the world - and thereby the most valuable, as well. Individuals who collect them often take the age, the appearance and the amount of wear into consideration before making a purchase since all of these things can affect the value.

Incredible Value

While it might seem that the value of these chips isn't really worth the time to go and seek them out, particularly since many of them are difficult to find in the first place, this isn't really the case at all. Back in 2008, a gentleman from Missouri decided to put up a $1 Showboat Vegas token that he'd been hanging on to since then 1960s just to see what it would bring. A war started and it seemed that everyone wanted it! He was shocked when his chip inevitably sold for a whopping $28,988.88!

As you can see, though they may be difficult to find sometimes, there is some value in these items that simply cannot be ignored.